RUF exists to reach the campus for Christ and equip students to serve.

RUF is a community of students that is trying to learn how to love God, love people, and love the University of Tennessee.  The way that we do that is to create safe places (large groups, small groups, one-on-ones) for students of all types and backgrounds to process the story of Jesus and to learn how to integrate their lives into His story.

Love God  |  Love Others  |  Love UT

Tuesdays.  7:30 pm.  AMB 210.


Friday, November 9

Not-A-Date is back! When you sign-up, you agree to be paired with someone of the opposite gender. You’ll go out to dinner together. But IT’S NOT A DATE! So, even if you’re already dating someone, you can still sign-up. No excuses! Everyone will meet back up at Redeemer at 7pm for dessert. Here are the by-laws:

 - You get paired-up

 - The guy has to call the girl to ask their not-a-date to Not-A-Date

 - Everyone pays for their own dinner

 - RUF will post where people are going out to dinner to try and encourage group dates (feel free to gather your own group date!)

 - If you have to back out, you have to find a replacement or a group for your date to go with…so just don’t back out!