RUF is a community of students that is trying to learn how to love God, love people, and love the University of Tennessee.  The way that we do that is to create safe places (large groups, small groups, one-on-ones) for students of all types and backgrounds to PROCESS the story of Jesus and to learn how to INTEGRATE their lives into His story.



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Get pumped for Shenanigans!

What's Shenanigans, you ask?  Excellent question.  Shenanigans is a game involving water guns where everyone has a secret target...last one standing wins a $25 gift card to Chick Fil A and bragging rights for the next semester. The game has been known to last more than a week.  It's a lot of fun, and a great way to meet people (if you can forgive them after they shoot you.)

This year's Shenanigans Master is HARRY PORTER.  Please direct all questions or rule clarifications to him at or 423-834-6499.



You will receive your first target from HARRY PORTER on Tuesday the 10th. 


*First of all, all RUF events are off limits for Shenanigans. This includes large group and anything else mentioned on the RUF website>>>

*On Sundays from 7am until 2pm, Shenanigans will be temporarily MIA. This block of time is set up to try to ensure at least some sense of Sabbath and rest during this possibly very stressed time.

*Another safe zone includes the workplace. While anyone is officially "on the clock" at work, they pretty much have the star as seen on Mario Kart 64 (aka they are invincible).

*Regarding intramurals, from the time the game starts until the player leaves the playing field, said player cannot be eliminated. 

*Academic buildings are off limits (this includes the library but does NOT include the UC, which is fair game).

*You have 48 hours to spray down your target from when you receive their name.  If you take longer than 48 hours, you are eliminated.

*You have to be invited into a home by someone living there (i.e. no breaking and entering someone's place without permission).

*You cannot break any UT rules or laws (or state laws for that matter). 

*ADDITIONAL RULES: You MUST text HARRY PORTER (423-834-6499) within 15 minutes of the kill and tell him who killed whom. 

*If you kill your target, the deceased player MUST tell you the person whom he/she had. 

*You can spray the person coming after you, but if you spray the wrong person, you are out. 

***Again, contact HARRY PORTER (utkrufshenanigans@gmail.comwith any questions or clarifications about rules!***

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This Fall's Sermon Series

Join us every Tuesday night at 7:30 in AMB 210 as we explore how Jesus personally engaged individuals throughout the Gospel of John. We are going to see Jesus interact with lots of different types of people.  Jesus has a conversation with a naked woman, a PhD religious scholar, a sex addict, one of his own followers that doubts him, two sisters that are grieving the death of their brother, and so on.  Each encounter with Jesus is going to reveal to us who He really is and what He came to do.   

1) Come to Large Group.  The easiest way to get connected to RUF is to come to our Tuesday night Large Group meetings.  7:30 pm in AMB 210.  It's informal and an easy way to check out what we are about without feeling weird and awkward about it.

2) Join a Community Group.  The best way to explore Christianity, to grow in your faith, and to connect with people is to join a community group.  Click HERE to for more info.

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