One of the best ways to get connected to RUF is through a Community Group.  These micro communities were started with the hopes that UT students would find a group of people while they were in college with whom they could connect with, be encouraged by, and shown the hospitable love of Jesus.  For this reason, Community Groups are a vital part of what we do.

Here are the available Community Groups this semester:

  Freshman Guys | HSS 56, Thursdays at 3:30pm, HSS 60, Mondays at 4 pm.

 Led by Matt Howell and Austin Lenox

 Freshman Girls | HSS 56, Thursdays at 4:45pm        

 Led by Ellie Stackhouse

 Sophomore/Junior Guys | 1817 White Ave, Mondays at 7:30pm 

 Led by Austin Lenox

 Sophomore Girls | 2217 Laurel Ave, Wednesdays at 5:15 pm

 Led by Olivia Pfeifer and Julia Scott.

 Sophomore/Junior Guys | 1817 White Ave, Wednesdays at 5pm 

 Led by Austin Lenox

 Junior Girls | 7025 Gainesborough, Fridays at 12:30pm

 Led by Tracie Ancelet

 Senior Guys | RUF Office (4050 Sutherland Ave), Fridays at 9 am

 Led by Matt Howell

 Senior Girls | TBA

 Led by Kathryn Howell