"I had the privilege of being involved in RUF all four years of my time at The University of Tennessee. RUF instantly became my hub where I could go and know that I had friends who cared me about and where I could grow and develop my walk with The Lord. RUF at UT went through many changes in my time; however, the vision of RUF remained constant. I knew I could attend on a Tuesday night and hear a message that would challenge me and make me think. I cannot imagine college without RUF: the friends I made, the leaders I got to know, the truth I heard and the leadership skills I was taught." - Katherine Frazier, graduated Spring 2014

“RUF encouraged and deepened my desire for a God-centered community. College years are trying and hard, but RUF is a reminder that the Lord is present even when I don’t know what I’m doing. For me, it’s a reminder that Jesus welcomes the “unknowingness” and wants to make himself known to me on earth until I can meet him face to face.” – Holly, senior

“I thoroughly enjoyed RUF during my four years of college. The community and friends that I gained during that time will last me the rest of my life. RUF was a great place to learn and grow more one’s spiritual life. Those four years were my biggest strides in spiritual growth and learning. Having not really delved deeper in my faith in the past, RUF was the perfect place for me to pursue my faith.” - Drew, alumni

“Coming into college I felt very overwhelmed and unknown. RUF has taught me the importance of community and studying the Word continuously. I have seen the Lord really work through RUF by making people more and more vulnerable with each other. Through this vulnerability, we are able to help carry each other’s burdens like we are called to do.” – Ashlen, junior

“Upon arriving to the University of Tennessee, one of my top priorities was to find a campus ministry and get involved with a group of Christians. I grew up in the church and was very involved in my youth group in middle and high school; therefore I knew the importance of community and had a strong desire to find that fellowship in this new place. The first couple of months in Knoxville I attempted to get involved in the campus ministry that was affiliated with the denomination I grew up in, however, I did not feel at home there. My first visit to RUF was a turning moment for me.  I began to feel like I had a place where I could grow and learn in my faith and be surrounded by others with the same love of the Lord. RUF is one of the things that kept me at UT and I am forever grateful for the people there and relationships I have made.” – Mary Nell, junior

“I entered college with high hopes of becoming someone great. Yet, I soon found that the someone great in my eyes was not the same person in God’s. I struggled with accepting His plan over mine and through that journey He revealed His faithfulness to an unfaithful child. RUF mostly over the past year has been a wonderful aid in allowing me to have peace with the Lord’s will for me through community and mentoring.” – Elyse, senior

“RUF has challenged, nurtured, and grown my faith immensely since I started coming as a freshmen. I've learned that it is ok to not be ok and how to find rest in God because of that. It has taught me that you don't have to be perfect to be a Christian to follow Christ and that I am far more sinful than I could ever see, but I am far more loved than I can ever imagine.”  - Peter, senior

“I love RUF because it provides a place and community that I can worship corporately other than Sunday and so I can be fed the Gospel. From that, I am encouraged to use RUF as and outlet for me to feed others the Gospel.” - Ethan, junior

“RUF has been amazing for me this year, not just because I’ve learned a lot about scripture, but it has also been a way for me to see my peers do ministry with non-Christians.  I’ve seen with new eyes the way that Jesus dwells in the RUF students’ hearts and compels them to befriend and love whomever I bring to RUF.  That has been such a surprise and blessing.” - Laura, sophomore

"RUF has been a place of incredible community for me throughout my time at UT - one that has pointed me to a deeper understanding of God's love by continuously showing me his grace." - Ryan, junior

“God has used RUF in my life through the community of believers and through giving me a great foundation through the scripture-based teaching.  I love RUF because it’s so richly rooted in the word.” - Julia, junior

“I truly believe God brought me to RUF to gain a better understanding of His love and grace through Jesus.  Without this RUF community, I don’t know where I would be.” - Thomas, sophomore

“RUF has given me a place at UT to belong, one that feels like a home away from home.  RUF has led me to experience the massive, free, and life-changing love that God has for us through Jesus.  I would be so lost if I had not been talked into going.  When I came, I kept coming back by choice because of the love I was shown by everyone, and I was in love with the God I heard about, which was different than the God I grew up knowing.” - Ryan, junior