Matt Howell

Campus Minister

Matt is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC.  He grew up in Dallas, TX and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2003 where he studied Philosophy and Communication.  After graduation, Matt served as an intern with RUF at Louisiana State University for two years where he developed a heart for college students (and Cajun food).  It was during his internship that he met and married the RUF intern at Emory University, Kathryn, who hails from Memphis, TN and studied Religious Studies at Washington and Lee.  Matt served as the RUF campus minister at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC for 4 years before moving to Knoxville.  Matt and Kathryn have 2 wonderful children - Zoe Kate (born Sept of 2010) and Reid (born Dec of 2012).

Matt's email is and his cell # is 704.438.8025. 

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Austin Lenox


Austin grew up in Eva, Alabama (there was a census in the year 2000 and the population of the town was 491) and he comes to UT as a recent grad from Mississippi State.  He loves eating, fishing, listening to music, watching sitcoms and petting cats.  He also has an undying passion for Taco Bell and Cookout but deeply hates baggy pants.  He loves finding underground bands and musicians and deleting their websites so that no one else can claim to be a fan of them.  If you are a freshman guy or are new to RUF, Austin would love to grab lunch or coffee with you.

Austin's email is and his cell # is 256.617.2891

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Ellie Stackhouse


Ellie is a recent graduate from Wake Forest University (what in the world is a Demon Deacon?!) and she hails from Ft. Worth, Texas.  When she's not hanging out with college students, you can find her watching old movies, eating Chipotle, enjoying the mountains and/or making puns.  If you are a freshman girl or are new to RUF, Ellie would love to hang out and get to know you.

Ellie's email is and her cell # is 817.223.0398. 

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