We are a Christian ministry associated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), with chapters on over 125 campuses across the country.  The UTK chapter began in the fall of 1990.  Though we are Presbyterian in affiliation, we welcome and have students from all walks of life, both the “convinced” and the “unconvinced.” 



The word “reformed” simply means that we embrace the same theological prioroties of the Protestant Reformation, namely:  the supreme authority of Scripture and justification by grace alone through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone.  But this also means that we continually endeavor to have our hearts and minds “reformed” and transformed by the light of God’s truth and grace.


We aim to be a ministry for UTK, not simply for ourselves.  Rather than pulling students away from campus, we encourage them to involve themselves in all that campus life has to offer.  We seek to train students to engage and serve the university from a distinctly Christian perspective.  We also desire to provide an open door for non-Christians interested in exploring Christianity.


It is often said that religion is a private matter, but this strikes against the core of Christianity.  Biblically speaking, there is no such thing as a "personal relationship with Christ," meaning a merely personal, me-and-Jesus relationship.  Because Christians are united to Christ, they are also united to each other.  And therefore, RUF seeks to provide a safe context to explore and cultivate rich community and friendships.